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Solar For London Campaign

Solar for London, was launched over 10 years ago, it is an initiative aimed at bringing affordable solar water heating systems into London homes.

Reasons Why

London consumes as much energy as the entire nation of Greece - and our consumption levels are constantly rising. This is a major concern for the capital, as it contributes to global warming, impacts on the local environment and makes us dependent on fossil fuels which are rapidly running out.

Wasted energy also costs money - most businesses and public sector organisations could easily cut their heat, lighting and power bills by up to 20 percent at little or no cost through applying measures to avoid wasting energy.

Transport problems cost UK companies around 15 billion a year. We help organisations to address their travel needs in an economic and sustainable way through our consultancy services.

By making more sustainable choices in our energy use, we can tackle the issues of work and leisure travel, fuel poverty and energy efficiency, as well as benefit financially through avoiding waste.